Fir Vertical Grain

Vertical grain Fir wood veneer is almost exclusively quarter cut or rift cut to produce a tight vertical grain appearance with a mild pinstripe contrast.

Available Finishes

Color matched as required. Specify Matte, Satin, or Semi-gloss sheen when ordering.

Available Sizes

Reference individual item codes for available sizes

Revision Date


Lead Time for Delivery

Please allow 12 weeks for delivery


Specify grade required when ordering


Natural wood has considerable color variation.  There may be mineral streaks, shades of white, red, black o even green areas depending upon the species. This is caused by the irregularity of mineral absorption from one part of the tree to another.  Grain patterns or texture will vary significantly and these variations will be apparent throughout the final product.


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M-WD- Fir Vertical Grain
wood surfaces - Fir Vertical Grain
reference samples for color and finish
Fir Vertical Grain Fir Vertical Grain