December 21,2022 By Joe Spano

The Moxy - Times Square


Originally home to the New Mills Hotel, which opened its doors in October 1907 with the promise of affordable accommodations for working-class men, the site of the Moxy Times Square has a rich history of hospitality. The star team of architects, interior designers and developers who worked on the project were united in their intent to transform the historic building’s interior into a cohesive space with a youthful urban aesthetic and relaxed, residential vibe.

Renovation work began with the reallocation and division of the historic building’s interior space into 612 intentionally cozy guest-rooms by architectural design firm Stonehill & Taylor. The interior concept for the guest-rooms, lobby and second floor common area was developed by interior design firm, Yabu Pushelberg – known for their creative designs and visionary works.


A problem arose when the team realized that the beautiful, barn shower and bath door design was not feasible because they couldn’t find a vendor that could design, prototype and build it. With a lack of concept sketches, a model room inspection in 60-days and an unwavering desire to preserve the design intent, the project – and the time-line – were in trouble.

Photo: Courtesy of @mikutas / Jacqueline Mikuta
  • High-quality solutions preserving design intent
  • Soft-close details
  • Short lead times
  • Bid was 1/3 of the price of other manufacturer’s
  • Local design and engineering support to customize and assemble imported pieces
  • Team coordination amongst various parties