Custom Backlit Mirrors- Built to Meet your Specification and Standard

Source Direct’s backlit mirrors are custom made, and lead the industry in both style and quality.  

We offer our clients the ability to create a mirror that will tastefully and practically meet the requirements of any bathroom design. Clients give their preferences in size, shape, kelvin, lumen, frame, and bevels- and we take care of the rest!

Our mirror glass can be produced in any size or shape. We have the capacity to create mirrors with common rectangular shapes, or non-traditional curved shapes, fit for any size project.

Customers are in a position to choose from a wide range of color output based off the Kelvin Scale, and can select a lightbulb with appropriate lumens for the project.

In regards to the mirror’s frame- we have the capability to create anything from sleek modern to integrate ornate. We offer wooden, metal, and frameless options, and can create bevels of any size.

Source Direct will work with you to produce the mirror to best compliment your bathroom design!


Madison Collins

Marketing Coordinator

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