Barn Doors: Not Just Wood

Barn Doors: Not Just Wood


Every bathroom has a unique style, so why should they all be limited to the same type of barn door?


Source Direct has a variety of barn doors that will aesthetically and functionally fit the needs of any bathroom. Whether you have a contemporary, traditional, or industrial bathroom style, we will provide the perfect door for you.


Our customers have the option to choose from a variety of glass and wood barn door systems to complete their ideal bathroom. Our glass door systems range from transparent to opaque, with options for everything in between. We have the ability to produce our glass doors in any color, and with any pattern or design.


Our wood barn door systems are also fully customizable. We have the ability to produce doors with any wood species and finish, providing the perfect addition to any room. Some other options include inlays, carved designs, and glass doors with wood frame.


At Source Direct, we believe you do not have to sacrifice function for style. Each of our doors are manufactured to meet ADA Standards for Accessible Design.  All of our products use modern materials to ensure manageable, practical, and untroublesome interactions with our customers.




Madison Collins

Marketing Intern

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