Introducing the 4400 Series Double Bypass Glass Shower Door System



The design team recently rolled out what people are calling ‘The Ultimate Solution’ for glass shower doors. Our 4400 series Double Bypass Glass Shower Door System allows for the function of a double bypass with the style of today’s contemporary appeal.

The Track is designed to create a modern look while eliminating any debris from building in track, insuring a smooth operation every time.

The Roller is made of high quality Stainless Steel. Our concealed roller in the track eliminates clutter of a bottom roller and presents a very clean look.

The Roller Catch is concealed in track keeping the glass panels in full open and closed position.

The Water Dam compliments the overall look of the system while providing excellent water protection.

Not only is the Series 4400 conclusive to a variety of site conditions, but the system is extremely easy to install and maintain. We are very proud and excited to introduce the Series 4400. Ask us about price today…we love to share knowing we are the leading cost competitor in the industry.

Cheers to Innovation!