4 Ways That a Soft Close Will Enhance Your Barn Door Experience

A barn door will not only effectively increase the usable size of a guest bathroom but offer a unique opportunity to make a design statement in form and function. A soft close on barn door will address any past reluctance to use a barn door in your guest room design. Read below how it works.

Four ways that a soft close system will dramatically improve your barn door experience.

What is a soft close? 

A soft close is, as its name indicates, an added feature that enables a barn door to have a controlled and gentle close at either side of its travel.

Safety – 

A soft close has its advantage because it gently stops the slamming of the barn door even when it is shut/open aggressively. Its name, “soft close” tell the story perfectly as it softly closes the barn door in a safe and quite manner.

Extends the life of your door – 

Slamming of the barn door is one of the major factors that decreases the life of your door. With a soft close the speed of the door closing will be controlled relieving stress to the hardware, the door, and its mounting system.

Ease of operation – 

There is no learning curve for people who have not previously used a barn door. The guest does not have to learn how fast or slow to close the barn door because the soft close takes care of it.

Adds to your barn door experience – 

No words can explain how a soft close adds to the feeling of the whole barn door experience, unless you see it in person.

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